Binging in Barcelona

While holidaying in Barcelona last month we went all in, in terms of food. We threw the calorie-caution to the wind and tried all sorts of yummy foods. From restaurants to cafes and hotel breakfasts to open markets, we left nothing untested. And each time, we were rewarded with extremely happy tummies & elated taste-buds! Here’s a sneak-peak for you…I’m sure you won’t have the heart, or the stomach, to look away 😉

Fantastic tapas

Cakes at an open market

Breakfast at the hotel

Delicious Mexican food

Love and music

‘Love and music last forever’

BeFunky_photo 1.jpg

Sometimes a little thing that might be of no value to anybody else takes a special place in one’s heart. That’s the story of this postcard. A couple of years ago, I was living in Melbourne, that beautiful, vibrant city and enjoying every minute of it. There were many open markets around the city that my husband and I loved to frequent. That day the air was full of lively music floating across the market, with colorful wares on display. Great food, refreshing drinks, quirky nick-nacks, lilting guitar strums. Walking hand-in-hand with him, I was telling myself ‘our life is good’. The postcard was one of many free pick-me-ups at a stall, it was probably an ad for a concert. When I saw it, it kinda summarized the whole feeling of the day for me & I promptly took one home. Then last year I found it in a box after we moved to Stockholm. It still felt special so I gave it a place on a shelf. One winter evening, we had friends over and were having a good time with music in candlelight when I suddenly caught sight of smoke – the postcard had fallen face-down onto a candle and was losing a corner to the flame! Thankfully it was saved, and now it is safely encased in a frame, hanging on a wall in my brand new home, always reminding me of the good times spent in two different, but equally beautiful cities.

BeFunky_photo 2.jpg