The coffee table story

When we moved into our first home two years ago, Mr.A. and I got some basic IKEA furniture to get things going. Dressing up our home has been such a fulfilling journey together. We still own most of those pieces, but some of them have gone through a transformation of sorts. Our coffee table, for instance, was the most basic design possible from IKEA’s ‘Lack’ series.

I came across hundreds of blogs featuring DIY projects on pieces from that series in particular. I reckon they come so cheap, there is no risk of feeling a loss, even if your project were to go totally kaput. We gave ours a face-lift by adding a dark wood top. Buying palettes from the local hardware store and coating them with varnish, we then screwed three of them parallel to each other to get a renewed table top. One can see the grain of the wood through the varnish, and I love the rustic, earthy look. We also removed the lower shelf to give it a lighter, more airy feel. We were super pleased how it turned out. As we kept searching for a new one to replace it, one that we both love and agree upon, in the meantime we enjoyed our little project very well!

FullSizeRender (4)

Last weekend we finally found a new coffee table, also from IKEA. Actually it’s a set of two tables. Best part about it? Mr.A and I both love it 😀

Ghostly signals

Remember when I spotted a traffic sign made up to resemble a stylish girl? Well, it seems like these signs are quite the canvas for creative people. I discovered this skeleton guy on one of them. Perfect for this time of the year, what with Halloween just around the corner. Now I am constantly on the lookout for more quirky ideas around town 😉

Side A

Side B

Lamp Makeover

This extremely simple DIY lamp makeover was made on a day when I was totally bored, had nothing to play with, save some paper and a pair of scissors. But sometimes something pretty comes out of boredom too, wouldn’t you say?  I did nothing more than fold a square piece of paper, start making cuts that I felt were turning out into a delicate pattern, unfolded to check once or twice, folded back & snipped a little more till I was satisfied, then adhered it to the inside of the lamp with some transparent tape. In short, a paper snowflake, umm a square paper snowflake. New lamp in seconds!

Traffic sign makeover

Oooh look who got a makeover… A traffic sign! Saw this the other day at a random road crossing. I am impressed someone even thought about this, took the time to design a hip outfit, and complemented it with a nice hairdo, too!