Remember Rome?

Dear Mr.A,

Remember our trip to Rome two years ago? We celebrated our second anniversary & what a perfectly memorable trip that was. Those awe-inspiring sights, long strolls on cobbled streets, that pretty little bed-and-breakfast, fantastic food… everything! Today we just doubled that number, isn’t it hard to grasp how time simply flies? Here’s wishing you a Happy 4th Anniversary, my love.  You are by far the best thing that ever could have happened to me.

Forever yours,


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Love and music

‘Love and music last forever’

BeFunky_photo 1.jpg

Sometimes a little thing that might be of no value to anybody else takes a special place in one’s heart. That’s the story of this postcard. A couple of years ago, I was living in Melbourne, that beautiful, vibrant city and enjoying every minute of it. There were many open markets around the city that my husband and I loved to frequent. That day the air was full of lively music floating across the market, with colorful wares on display. Great food, refreshing drinks, quirky nick-nacks, lilting guitar strums. Walking hand-in-hand with him, I was telling myself ‘our life is good’. The postcard was one of many free pick-me-ups at a stall, it was probably an ad for a concert. When I saw it, it kinda summarized the whole feeling of the day for me & I promptly took one home. Then last year I found it in a box after we moved to Stockholm. It still felt special so I gave it a place on a shelf. One winter evening, we had friends over and were having a good time with music in candlelight when I suddenly caught sight of smoke – the postcard had fallen face-down onto a candle and was losing a corner to the flame! Thankfully it was saved, and now it is safely encased in a frame, hanging on a wall in my brand new home, always reminding me of the good times spent in two different, but equally beautiful cities.

BeFunky_photo 2.jpg