The quintessential autumn post

As the leaves glow orange & yellow and drop off the branches one by one, as  sunlight becomes miserly and rations itself out a little less every day, as the wind turns up its chill and shows a preview of winter just around the corner, nearly every blogger sits down and writes that quintessential autumn post… so, here comes mine 🙂

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Dry corner

I really can’t help myself one walks these days, almost always returning with a bunch of leaves, or twigs or pine cones to put up around the house. But autumn decor is a kinda must-do, right? Especially if you have a whole forest floor of beautifully colored fall goodness at your disposal! Adds a bit of warmth to my little corner here.




Colorful autumn

Autumn has been around for some time now in Stockholm and with it arrived the wonderful autumn colors. It amazes me to see how the green leaves slowly turn yellow and then a flaming orange, and sometimes right down to reds and maroons before winter can take it toll and turn the landscape white. This time of the year I love to walk around the city, collecting leaves, watching the trees shed. Looks like even the evening sky is more colorful to keep up with the glorious spirit of autumn. Growing up in India, I had read about autumn but never experienced it like this. These same autumn months meant something entirely different then, namely tropical rains from the Monsoons. Those rainy days were beautiful too, though in a different way.  They brought the cool relief that we deserved after enduring the relentlessly hot Indian summer.  The skies turn dark with clouds, the air vibrating with rumbling thunder and flashes of lighting illuminate the slashing rain. And as kids we would get a free ticket to get drenched before we came home to steaming cups of chai and fried snacks. Mmmmm! Different times, distant places, varied landscapes…

Sharing some shots from around my home here…

BeFunky_IMG_6293.jpgThe reserve that runs right behind our apartment.

BeFunky_IMG_6303.jpgThe sky turned a beautiful pink!

IMG_6338Ah, the glorious colors

BeFunky_IMG_6316.jpg Enjoying a cup of chai in the balcony, mmmm!