Postcard from Delhi <3

Namaste!  Sending you all a big hello from India & wishing you a very Happy New Year!

I might have seemed MIA for a while but that’s only because I have been away enjoying my trip home. Mr. A and I started off on Christmas eve and have spent the last few days in Delhi, spending time with family & friends.

We have been gorging on our favorite foods from across the country aka getting fat on vacation 😉 Delhi’s food scene is simply amazing; all sorts of regional cuisine is easily accessible for foodies like us. We got the chance to enjoy Mughal, Kannada, Malayali, Bihari, Hariyanwi, Chinese & Bengali cuisines in the span of ten days. As they say, “Happiness is good food”!

We also succeeded in doing a bit of touristy things as well, enjoying joyful Christmas decorations, and visiting the serene Humayun’s Tomb and chaotic Chandni Chowk.

So far it has been great fun – just the kind of time we wanted to spend in Delhi. The next leg of our trip started yesterday – off to Jodhpur! Stay tuned for more updates 🙂

Look who’s back!

Snow! We’ve all been reading in the news how winter is playing games around the world with parts of USA and India experiencing the lowest temperatures in decades, while on the other hand, Sweden which is kinda known for it’s white Christmas had to celebrate a grey one instead. Hence, it’s a bit of a relief that snow is now back in Stockholm, yay!!

Well, to be honest the header also goes for me, since I have been holidaying in India for the last three weeks, and enjoying every minute of it, so much so that I put my dear blog in hibernate mode for the most part. But worry not as I am back too! Hope all my readers had a great holiday season & are back to business refreshed & rejuvenated. And hope to keep you interested in my blog in the new year as well. Happy reading!