The Temple of Sounion stands as a tribute to the Greek god of the sea, Poseidon. Situated on Cape Sounion, roughly an hour’s drive away from Athens, this ancient weathered structure has seen the aeons come and go. Although the roof of the portico has long since gone missing, many of the columns stand tall and proud. The drive along the coastal road is a great way to unwind with the Aegean Sea shimmering alongside. The cape is an excellent spot to catch a breathtaking sunset away from the crowds that hoard Athens in particular and Greece in general.

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Strolling in Athens

The Plaka and Monastiraki neighborhoods in Athens have their own characteristic air. There are lots of cafes and restaurants where  one can spend hours over a tall glass of chilled frappe or fill themselves up with the delicious local cuisine. The many souvenir shops sell curious mementos, attractive garments and exotic pieces of art. Strolling around these streets hand in hand with my husband, no real goal or destination in mind, was one of the most relaxing part of my trip to Athens.

Ambling around

A rare combination

Take home a memento for your dear ones

In case you need a bag to carry those mementos, you’ll find a pretty one too

For the sweet tooth

A much-needed frappe break

I will definitely remember that meat platter for a long time, mmmm!

Back to strolling and shopping

A most colorful day

Street art in Athens

On my trips to different cities, the one thing that I best like to take photos of is their street art. They are at times quirky, at times smart, at times repulsive even, but always very fascinating to my eyes. Take a look at what I captured when strolling around in Athens…

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