Exploring Berlin

Mr.A and I went to Berlin for a weekend last month. This is our first tick on our 2016 Travel Checklist. So happy to start off on our adventures right away! Berlin, and Germany as a whole, has been at the heart of history for such a long time. There are so many levels at which you can explore this amazing city. Try one of the history walks through the city, visit their many impressive museums, eat curry wurst and wash it down with some beer, or give their nightlife a go. There is always something for everyone in Berlin!

1. The Reichstag

2. Brandenburger Torg & Pariser Plats 

3. Unter den Linden & Friedrichstraße 

4. Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

5. Hitler’s bunker 

6. Bebelplatz & Neue Wache 

7. Museum Island

 8. Marx-Engels Forum & Neptunbrunnren 

9. Alexanderplatz 

10. Topography of Terror & Checkpoint Charlie 

11. Gendarmenmarkt 

12. Kurfürstendamm 

Have you been to Berlin? What was your favourite part of this enchanting city? I’d love to know!

13 thoughts on “Exploring Berlin

    • hej Helen! Thanks for saying that, it means so much. Whenever you plan, I’d love to share some tips & advice 🙂


  1. One of my dream cities Berlin is! Really beautiful pictures too. All the best on your 2016 travel plans
    P.S. can you tell me more about the topographie and charlie checckpoint?

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    • Thanks, Jacob!
      Topography of Terror is a museum that documents the reign of Hitler through the years and how Germany, and the world at large, was affected by the Nazi era. In fact, the museum stands at approximately the same spot where the Gestapo once had their headquarters. A section of the Berlin Wall still stands before it, a grim reminder of the past.
      Checkpoint Charlie is a replica of the most prominent checkpoint between the erstwhile East & West Germany, where people had to undergo strict checking before passing to the other side. It stands at the exact same spot where the original checkpoint used to stand, complete with signage and guards. It is a popular tourist activity to get a photo there, but it is also worthwhile to marvel at how things used to be not too long ago in history…
      Please ask me anything else you’d like to know, I love to share what I see & experience 🙂 I am writing a new post about the places where the Wall is best preserved, stay tuned!

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  2. Every time I see pictures of places from Europe, I get a strong feeling that a part of my life is going to be spent in those places.

    You took on a virtual tour to Berlin. Thank you. Good job there.

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    • You live in a beautiful city, Kiki, I loved everything about Berlin!!
      Thank you for following my blog 🙂


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