Solo birthday

I was home alone on my birthday this year, but instead of being sad and lonely, I decided to be happy and entertained! My formula for a happy solo birthday?

  1. Start the day with a good cup of tea. Good tea in a gorgeous cup 🙂
  2. Dress up. Got something new in the wardrobe? This is the day to pull it out. This deep blue tunic, a fusion between an Indian style Kurta & a western shirt quite suits me, I think. Plus those pretty trinkets – gifts from my little sis ❤ You look good, you feel good! 
  3. It really helps if the sun is out smiling for you, that’s a bonus!  
  4. A hearty lunch is serious business. Good sushi always wins 👍  
  5. Make time for yourself. If you’re on your own, it’s very important to do something that you really enjoy. So I left office a bit earlier than usual and visited the Östasiatiskt (East Asian) museum. Yes, I’m into museums 😎    
  6. Take some pictures of the sights along the way… Stockholm never ceases to dazzle.
  7. If you have teammates as nice as mine, you might get a cute surprise cake, too!
  8. End the day with dinner with your best friends. Plus Spanish tapas make me so happy. Feel the love!   

I missed you a lot, Mr.A, but I still managed to make myself a very happy birthday! I got my gift early, though. After all, our Berlin trip was my birthday celebration 😊

7 thoughts on “Solo birthday

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