Vasa Museum, Stockholm

They say if you had just one day in Stockholm, then the Vasa Museet is the one place you simply must not miss. It houses the Vasa Warship which was built between 1626-28 and was shipwrecked on its maiden voyage not far from the harbor – a case of heavily ignored structural imperfections. It lay at the bottom of the sea for more than three centuries (what!!) until it was pulled out in 1961. It is incredible how a ship made almost entirely of wood, that remained under water for such a long time, has survived the vagaries of the elements, in this case, mostly water. Kudos to the restoration team!

The museum is dimly lit and maintained at a cool temperature to slow the further aging of the vessel. The ship can be viewed from two levels to get a proper perspective. The wooden carvings & decorations are quite splendid, as are the massive hull and gun decks. Several parts of the ship have been recreated as models to mimic how they looked in their original form.

You will also find a scaled model of the ship in all its former glory. The museum tour might be a good idea if you want to know details of the ship and the restoration process. For both kids & adults alike, there is much to learn and wonder about during a visit to this museum.

7 thoughts on “Vasa Museum, Stockholm

  1. I love this museum! I’m even old enough to have been to the first edition, which I remember more as a big “box”, with very humid air, as they kept spraying the ship at regular intervals to conserve it. There was (is) also this children’s book about its first and last travel, drawings of grey clouds that were blowing towards the ship, I found those clouds a bit scary…
    Yes, it’s really a very special museum, I’m glad you shared it here!


    • Glad to hear from you again, Gunilla! I loved this museum, it’s an amazing piece of history that deserves to be taken care of. The restoration team must be really really good at what they do 👍
      I’d love to get hold of that book you mention… Any chance you remember the title…?


      • If you google “the Vasa saga Bertil Almqvist” (or in Swedish “sagan om vasa”), you’ll find it. I think they used to sell it in the museum shop, in different languages, but I have no idea if it’s still available there (haven’t been there for some years now). Libraries should have it too.


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