Just another tree…

… that can host more than just a couple of full-grown people!

Shot at the Otway National Park, along the Great Ocean Road drive, from Melbourne to the Twelve Apostles.

I’d love to hear what you think of my previous contributions to the Weekly Photo Challenge. Check out what other bloggers think is ‘(extra)ordinary‘ this week!

9 thoughts on “(Extra)ordinary

  1. Love the Great Ocean Road it had seascape and forestscape on either side of it, and each time I go it gives me a different perspective. Love your tree shots. I can remember driving along the road about this time of year inhaling the beautiful scent of the wildflowers, it was amazing!

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    • It’s incredible landscape alright, with sea and rainforest on either side of a curvy, bendy road…It truly is an amazing experience…so happy I could share the same feeling with you!

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