If I made you walk through an endless tunnel that looked like this, would you be hypnotized enough to tell me all your secrets? Think about it.

On a less sinister, and informative note, this picture if from Tunnelgatan  or Tunnel Street, a street literally in the form of a tunnel in the heart of Stockholm’s Norrmalm district. It was named after the Brunkeberg tunnel, a 231 metre long pedestrian passage way. It was opened in 1886 and inaugurated by King Oscar II. It even has a separate lane for cyclists! Dear Sweden, you never cease to surprise me.

2 thoughts on “Hypnotize

  1. It’s underground, with some street or perhaps, house above it. Have you been to Stockholm? This one’s a quick way to get between Östermalm & the city center, almost upto Sveavägen. I agree, it is quite captivating with the curved yellow walls & a reflective steel ceiling…


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