Skansen: a living museum

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Skansen is Sweden’s oldest open air museum right in the heart of Stockholm. It stands on the island of Djurgården and showcases life in Stockholm over the years. It is a kind of ‘living’ museum as in, there are people dressed up in the rural attire depicting the life of a different era in Sweden viz. between the 16th & 20th centuries. These guides tell you stories of Swedish tradition and lifestyle which is extremely informative and educational, not just for kids, but adults as well. Skansen also houses a zoo, an aquarium, a glass-works factory, a tannery, several workshops and farmsteads.

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These pictures are from the time-honored Christmas Market at Skansen. However it remains open all year through hosting most of the traditional festivals of Sweden like Midsommer, Valborg, Lucia and Christmas. It is very much recommended for visitors to Stockholm, especially if you have young children.

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7 thoughts on “Skansen: a living museum

    • Hi Thom, I’d love to see the one in Lund, too! I drove by the city a couple of years ago, but had just enough time to visit the gorgeous cathedral, so impressive, I loved it 🙂

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