Last biking day

I guess it’s about time that we officially call it a day on biking season for this year. Daylight saving is on since Sunday. It’s starting to get pretty dark by late afternoon already. Autumn is steadily giving way, and as goes the popular saying these days, ‘Winter is coming’!

Last weekend we went biking around the forest and had a great time. The forest is alive with vivid colors and we were lucky to get some warm sunshine too. The mister & I both bought new bikes this summer. (In fact, this is my first bike ever, but more on that later.) Biking around with him has been one of my favorite activities past few months. So much fun to pedal away aimlessly, simply taking in the sights, discovering new routes, stopping wherever we feel like, and then off we go again. What was your favorite pastime this summer?








14 thoughts on “Last biking day

  1. those colours are really cool! – Nice little adventure! – Why not keep on riding your bike through winter? (That’s what Danes do…) the words last and bike doesn’t belong together in same sentence? Or do they?


    • Thanks Kris & Diva 🙂 you’re right, they shouldn’t, I might try out winter tires like the Danes, but alas, that might have to wait…my bike is new & (strange as it may sound) I myself am new to bikes! I’ll tell you all about my falls and scratches one day 😉


      • Don’t be afraid! – Just go on! – Push fourther – but do it with a dignyfied pace – then you’ll see – it will be amazing!
        I have a lot winterpictures on my pinterest, that could give you a teaser of what might be ahead. :))


  2. Don’t give up your bike just yet. Look at all the beauty you will miss. Fall trees are beautiful. Nothing like crisp air blowing in your face as you speed along your pathway of happiness. Thank you for sharing.


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