Green indoors

My husband says I am planning to bring the rain-forest indoors! But hey, what am I supposed to do? Autumn is here and if I don’t take care of these babies, I might as well have a bunch of potted twigs in a few days. Now, I wouldn’t want to do that. But there is that other issue of space. My apartment thankfully has big windows, which means long window sills. However, I didn’t want to fill them out with houseplants either. Then I had an idea. Why not hang them up?! We have these three sets of hot water pipes that feed the electrical heaters at our place. Anyone who has lived in a place that needs indoor heating would know what I mean. Here’s a picture, though.


I’d thought of hanging vertical buntings on them to make them look less bare, but I liked this idea way better. All I needed were some IKEA pot holders, some string and some plants. And that was that.

IKEA pot holder String BeFunky_IMG_6269.jpg

I am quite thrilled, it looks quite good, don’t you think? The one with the purple flowers is called Campanula and the ones with the green leaves are Chlorophytum comosum, more commonly known as spider plant or airplane plant or hen-and-chickens (the last one, wonder why?) I love that the new shoots are hanging out low, they make nice shadow patterns too.BeFunky_IMG_6285.jpg BeFunky_IMG_6284.jpg



5 thoughts on “Green indoors

    • That’s right funflowerfacts! It does make good use of space. Vertical gardens are also a novel way to adorn your walls.
      Thanks for the tip on airplants, I have read a bit about these but am yet to actually buy one. Your article will be quite helpful in making a good choice, thanks!


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